Sunday, 29 July 2007

Mastering the technology

Usually when I travel, I generate long emails about what I have been doing and send them off to various email lists of friends and family. I have recently travelled for the first time with my own digital camera and when I got home I posted links to albums of my pathetic photos on Picasa to the usual suspects. As a point-and-click photographer my photos usually aren't up to much, but I tend to be more skillful with words than pictures, and have crafted at least some of the email bulletins with a lot of care.

I thought for the forthcoming trip I should try using a blog, posting only a few of the more interesting photos alongside my traveller's tales. So here I go with a few practice posts before we leave home in about 10 days, just to get a grip on the technology.

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Unknown said...

Hi Barbara, well I think you have mastered the technology excellently, and in fact this is better to read than your emails, perhaps the type face makes it more accessible. All I want now is photos, ie Barbara and Barry eating at the stalls, the interior of our apartment etc, and mostly, closeup pics of the wonderful products to buy, maybe even the supermarket! Then we can really share your life. Re the Jamaican drink,it is Jamaican sorrel, otherwise known as rosella, or hibiscus, and is served as far afield as restaurants in Luang Prabang, where it is combined with lemongrass and makes a fabulous refreshing drink. I have some in our cupboard here in Melbourne..
Will email you with further news, keep up the blogging, and lets have those pics!